Today is a special day… here in the USA, today is our Veterans Day, where we honor and celebrate all of our incredible veterans for their service and all they have done to preserve our many freedoms.

Since we are a global publication, with fans and viewers from all across the earth, we are also aware of other Veterans Day celebrations that occur in other nations (often called „Remembrance Day“) around this time as well, so we thought we would use today to give a very special thank you and debt of gratitude to all our veterans in all countries that enjoy such great freedoms, for all their incredible heroic service that help fight for those freedoms so we can do things like publish and view a website like ours here (among many other things, obviously).

With all of that in mind, we thought it would be nice to do a bit of a throwback tribute to our vets with this WWII-era „Sailor Girl“ video from the lovely 32GG Jo Paul, who looks good in pretty much anything, but especially in an outfit like this.

Thank you for your service, veterans… we cannot express our gratitude enough. 🙂

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